“A team of experienced colleagues genuinely invested in my progression appealed to me the most”

“I had just finished my A Levels. All my friends had gone off to university, but I didn’t fancy it myself, so I I held down some part time work before joining the team.”


Sam Dalby, a Commercial Broker within the Momentum team, joined us four years ago as an apprentice. Like 45% of other Britons, he thought apprenticeships are better than university degrees.


And like so many of our other colleagues, he heard about the opportunity through word of mouth. “I found out about Momentum, and the apprenticeship, through a family friend who coincidentally works quite closely with Momentum. He had been through a similar scheme himself.”


Being part of an apprenticeship offers many different benefits. Not only do you get paid while you train, but you learn new skills related to the business you have joined.


“I think it was [the] support that attracted me the most. The opportunity of being able to work closely within a team of experienced colleagues that would be genuinely invested in my progression… I think that that appealed to me the most.”


Sam’s initial training was completed relatively quickly. Hungry for more, Momentum paid for him to study further. He went on to achieve his Cert CII (Certificate in Insurance or the Certificate in Insurance and Financial Services).


Eight years ago, Alisha Okuneye walked through our doors and saw first-hand why Momentum was different. “I had an interview with the broking manager… and… their approach… just seemed really relaxed, which is obviously what you want when you’re working.”


Alisha had a part time job before joining and was interested in apprenticeship because she liked “idea of learning as well as working”. She had two years to become Cert CII. This wasn’t an issue:


“There was support with my day-to-day role [which] assisted with my exams as well. Once I finished my apprenticeship I then went on to do my DIP (Diploma in Insurance, with the Allianz Scholarship Scheme)… and then I did my Advance Diploma just after that!


“I did that through myself, and the support of Momentum, who just gave me study time if I needed it, which was really helpful and now I’m fully ACI qualified.”


Alisha now deals with existing business and renewals for our partners. She ensures that we keep the business and grow their books. Sam works within a team to broke a wide range of commercial insurance products.


The flexible and supportive approach provided by Momentum Broking Solutions is one of the reasons our apprentices have stayed with us. Another reason is the rest of the team.


“The best part of working from Momentum is definitely the people” according to Alisha. “It’s such a relaxed environment, everyone’s friendly… and you just get that support which gives you the confidence to do your job, and do the best you can do in your job.”


It’s one of the reasons that Sam stayed too: “the best thing about working for Momentum would be the people and the overall environment. I think being able to learn and work within such a supportive setting is priceless. It really shows that Momentum are invested in in my progress – and that’s not as easy to come by as you think.”


Momentum Broker Solutions was founded by Managing Director Howard Pepper, and Operations Director Hazel Westwoodback, back in 2010.


They turned the stereotypical view on insurance on its head. The boring shirt and tie 9-5 job went out the window. In came from the ideology to treat their people like family: giving them the day off for their birthday; and extra half day every month; and casual wear when in the office.


If you’re still unsure if an apprenticeship with Momentum isn’t for you, then take it from someone who’s had four years of experience with us:


“The opportunities they give me over the past three years or so has really helped, not only drive my progression as a working professional but, drive my development as an individual. The experience I’ve gained alongside the qualification I now have really sets me up and puts me in a good place to start my career.


“I’d say that joining the Momentum team as an apprentice is a fantastic opportunity. I really would encourage anyone to take them up on that.”


We’re looking for more people – just like you – to join our team through our Apprentice Practitioner Programme. You don’t need to have a particular set of skills, just the enthusiasm to learn and positive mindset. It’s beneficial to have at least a GCSE in English and Maths.


Hear what Alisha and Sam (and more!) have to say about working at Momentum on the apprenticeship page of our website. You’ll also find a list of benefits if you join our team – and how to apply.