Powerful broking partner.

To build a brokerage, you need access to insurers, agencies and markets. To build a successful brokerage, you need strong relationships with the people in those areas – people who will fight your corner when you need it. The ability to pick up the phone to people who can help you place a problematic risk or resolve a complaint quickly and efficiently. That’s what you get when you become a Momentum broker partner.

A broking team that works for you

All placement activity is carried out by our experienced team of brokers who will source the right policy at the right price. You’ll also get access to a team of dedicated account handlers to look after your day-to-day requirements.

While we always strive to get your clients the best price, we do not just send risks to the market. We take the time to understand your client’s business and their unique needs. We’ll match the complexity and type of risk of the business you want to place with one of our specialist brokers.

With our broking team working for you, you’ll have the edge you need to win and retain business.

Exceptional market access

As a smaller broker, you may not have access to the range of insurers to grow your business. Momentum is your gateway to more than 280 agencies and insurers in both the UK and international markets. We’ve developed strategic relationships with some of the UK’s largest insurers and niche providers, so whatever your business, we’ve got you covered.

Independent brokers usually have set agencies they deal with and can find it challenging to place niche business. Momentum has a large agency base which includes standard and niche insurers. It means our broker partners can place business with niche agencies they wouldn’t usually have access to.

Momentum has spent years creating strong links with the London market, including Lloyd’s and wholesale brokers. We also have the relationships in place to enable our broker partners to place global risks.

access to over 280 markets

Momentum takes the time to get to know my clients – I am not sure you will get that anywhere else. They really are an extension of my business. I don’t work for them, nor they me. It really is a team effort. This allows me to handle the sharp end, safe in the knowledge that the back office will be up-to-date and accurate.
– Don Campbell, Highland Insurance Brokers

Exclusive policy wordings

The collective strength of our network and the positive relationships with the insurers we work with helps us to negotiate exclusive, non-standard policy wordings for many contracts. This exclusivity means you can offer your clients a high calibre of service, setting you apart from the competition.

Momentum specific schemes

As a Momentum broker partner, you’ll benefit from Momentum’s collective bargaining power when it comes to schemes, as well as pricing. If a broker partner works in a niche sector and needs a specific product or scheme, Momentum will approach insurers about getting one set up.

Momentum has also negotiated several competitively priced schemes and products available exclusively to our broker partners – for example, SME, motor trade and excess liability.

The strength of a network while remaining independent

As an independent broker, you’re your own boss. You write the business you want to and have the freedom to do business your way. With Momentum behind you, you get a smaller broker approach with network strength. Momentum places business with insurers for all its broker partners, giving us some serious bargaining power for negotiating premiums. You get the benefit of more competitive prices you wouldn’t have access to on your own.

Let’s say your client has a problem that needs solving. Would you rather hang on the line to a call centre or speak to Momentum, who can contact decision-makers to resolve the issue? Momentum has developed relationships with hundreds of agencies and insurers, and their broking partners reap the benefits.