breaking the mould

Breaking the mould

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical broker’.

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid stereotypes, most people probably have an image of an insurance broker as being rather old-fashioned, tied to a desk, surrounded by paperwork, and occasionally venturing out to see their clients.

Let’s be honest there are still plenty like that, but we are delighted to have supported a modern breed of Insurance brokers who are breaking the mould.

We believe that the Appointed Representative (AR) model is the future of insurance broking for the independent broker and it’s helping to revolutionise the image of our sector. Partnering with over 85 companies, Momentum works together with each to align with their business model, goals, and aspirations. By taking away many of the traditional elements of the broker they are freed to provide a modern, dynamic, client-facing service valued by their clients and a much more rewarding career for them.

By handing over many of the traditional burdens; compliance and regulation, market, and systems management etc they can focus on more satisfying activities, building a business and looking after clients. Our partners have access to a qualified and experienced team to access more than 250 markets on their behalf. This enables them to provide their clients with a personal approach and great propositions.

breaking the mouldEvery job sector experiences busy periods, and this career path is no different, however, the model allows you to be more flexible when it comes to providing top-class client service and spending quality time with your family.

Jason Cavill from CavillInsure spends his days providing insurance solutions to companies across Gloucestershire, encompassing three fundamental values: reliability, trust, and passion. His drive to deliver outstanding service to customers and desire to create a seamless experience has seen his business go from strength to strength. But when Jason needs to recharge his batteries, Momentum’s broker team is on hand to look after his clients, and he can rest assured knowing his business is in great hands.

Speaking to us whilst drinking coffee next to the ski slopes in the Czech Republic, Jason said:


“The great thing about being an AR is having a flexible work-life balance so that I can appreciate the outdoor life that we love as a family.

My wife is Czech and most of our holidays are spent in the countryside near the Jeseniky mountains where it has plenty of cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, cycling, canoeing, and wild swimming.”

Breaking the mouldMum-of-one, Melissa Waters from Waters Risk Services LTD offers professional insurance for industries including manufacturing, engineering, contractors, and many more. Since joining Momentum over two years ago, she has managed to create a successful business, maintain a personable approach when it comes to meeting clients, and spend much-needed quality time with her family.

“My time as an Appointed Representative has been very enjoyable. The best part is dealing with my lovely clients, winning new cases, solving problems, and most of all, being there for people. However, I love the fact that my job now fits in perfectly in my life, so I can take on all these different roles and have fun doing them all!”

Momentum Solutions are paving the way in the commercial insurance sector by offering bespoke packages to new businesses and helping them to gain financial independence.

This new generational way of working gives broker partners the opportunity to build something they are proud of, without having to relinquish control over the areas they care about most.

So, in summary, there’s no such thing as a ‘typical broker’. Don’t let the old stigma define you, join us in breaking the mould. You never know, the next Momentum broker partner could be you!breaking the mould