Do you have the fear of making the wrong decision? Then you may have ‘decidophobia’.

While many will have a fear of heights, spiders, or public speaking, some of us have a fear of making the wrong choice when it comes to changing career (or even role or sector)Rachel Schofield released a report that focussed on our fear of making the jump. She found that a career move can, at times, feel so risky that people get hit by what has been termed ‘decidophobia’.The battle for most is how to be certain the next step in their career will give them what they are looking for and is move for the better.

The move to self-employment is one which comes with risks but there is a huge amount of information and expertise available to help ensure that the decision is the right one and ultimately a successful one!

At Momentum we have a huge amount of experience with helping those make the right career decisions and understand, not only if their ideas/plans/thoughts are realistic but, if they themselves are ready for taking the step to self-employment.

Becoming self-employed unlocks the freedom and creativity to regain control of your life while regaining the opportunity to reach the potential you deserve. While you may have considered the option of working for yourself, where do you start in finding the right information on how to do it?

Momentum Broker Solutions has 13 years’ experience in supporting self-employed insurance brokers. Our network welcomed more than 100 new partners in the last six years, adding to our existing UK-wide network who have all made the step into self-employment and are on hand to support you on your journey.

We recognise the importance of staying independent, which is why Momentum is with you every step of the journey. We will support your aspirations and provide guidance so you can do it ‘your way’ and build a future that works for you and your family.

Don’t just take our word for it – listen to our podcast with Tom Taylor. He took the leap after 18 years of employment in September 2022. Its had its ups and downs, but for Tom the results have been so rewarding.

The best bit of advice when considering a change of direction, and a move to self-employment, is to seek advice from those who have had experience in doing it themselves. The one thing which aligns all business owners is their absolute desire to help those who follow in their footsteps. They have learnt so much and fully appreciated the support they got when they started and want to pass it on.

If you are keen to make your dreams of being your own boss a reality, book a chat with Alistair Body, Momentum’s Business Development Director. Every conversation will be in complete confidence and will help to understand whether your ideas can become a reality, fill the gaps and give you the introductions to those who have travelled that road ahead of you and ultimately defy ‘decidophobia’.