The Perfect Storm Webinar

Join us on Thursday 16th July, between 14:00 – 15:00 for this presentation entitled the Perfect Storm. It will explore why capacity is draining out of the UK insurance market and why we are moving into a very hard market where niche covers will be difficult to place.

It is difficult to imagine a worse start to a year for the UK insurance market than 2020, and the problem is that the market was already in all sorts of trouble coming into 2020.

The presentation will be delivered by Alan Chandler who is one of the most popular presenters in the UK insurance market.

Alan will explore how Solvency II, the recent stock market crash, Ogden, Soft rating, Floods and now Bi and Covid-19 have all combined to create the perfect storm and how rates will have to significantly increase with many high risk businesses facing the prospect of getting no alternative quotes.

The webinar will allow for Q&A’s at the end.

Learning objectives:

Delegates will be able to understand –

  • How Solvency II has taken capacity from the insurance market
  • How the recent stock market crash will make capacity issues worse
  • How insurers have struggled because of the Ogden rate change and soft rates
  • How Insurers have probably had the worst start to a year from an underwriting perspective ever and what this will mean for rates and coverage
  • How the market will change following Covid-19 and the affect it will have on wordings

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If you are an existing Momentum broker partner, you can join our webinar on the 9th July. Information for this can be found here.