Joining Momentum.

More than 200 businesses and insurance professionals have made the switch to Momentum in the past decade.

The facts speak for themselves: in 2022, Momentum partners achieved an annual growth rate of 20% against the industry average of 3%.

Momentum wants to help you be as successful as possible. When you join us, we’ll provide you with a dedicated Business Development Manager who will support you to set up and run your brokerage.

There are so many good reasons to work with Momentum.

Here’s a few:

access to over 280 markets

1. More broking strength

By partnering with Momentum, your brokerage will have access to over 280 insurer markets, a dedicated team of account handlers, and the relationships to make things happen for your clients.

The key difference between Momentum and other networks is flexibility. A bespoke solution, including access to the Momentum hub, can offer the day-to-day broking influence with insurers that you need to get the best deal for your clients. Find out more about a broking team that works for you.

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2. More support

No matter what size your brokerage, we’re here for you. By partnering with Momentum, you’ll have the benefit of Acturis, a leading insurance broking IT platform. We’ll provide back-office support and technical assistance, and we’ll even accompany you on client visits if you wish.

As well as industry-leading mentors, you’ll also have access to our in-house Marketing Team and a dedicated Business Development Manager for no additional cost.

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20% Momentum partners Annual growth rate

3. More time

At Momentum, we handle all client money, FCA reporting and fees. With us taking care of things you can focus on the day to day business, working with existing clients and acquiring new ones. And your clients are yours – there’s no requirement to buy them back when you leave, and there’s no exit fee.

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How do I switch?

Joining Momentum is smooth and stress free. The entire process is carefully managed, meticulously planned, and all timed to suit you.  We take care of everything, allowing you to continue to run your business with minimal disruption.

We’ll introduce you to your very own project team as part of the migration process. Your project manager will manage the process in a timescale that works for you and your business.

From day one, you’ll benefit from all the services we provide to our partners.

Specific focus and support will be provided for:

Informing clients

We know you’ll want to tell them your good news. If you need us to do it, we’re here; our marketing team can support you with an excellent PR and marketing opportunity.

Setup Acturis

We will get you setup on the software that we use. You’ll be introduced to Acturis which will include an induction session with our Business Systems Team. Plus there’s ongoing ‘surgeries’ to ensure you’re making the most of the software.

Notify Insurers

With over 100 switches under our belt, we can manage insurers so policies are transferred with no interruption – whether it’s a few cases or a large developed business.