Broking – strength to overcome all hurdles.

The insurance broking industry is complex with a vast array of different propositions: from e-trading to captive arrangements, MGAs, wholesalers, schemes, facilities, binding authorities and everything else in between.
What always stays the same is the need to get the right price for the risk – in a competitive world clients will always demand lower prices and better service.

“Smaller brokers can’t compete when it comes to market relationships”

As an independent broker you know the importance of getting the right deal to enable you to retain and win clients. At Momentum we have built an experienced team with great technical skills, excellent negotiating skills and first rate insurer market relationships. The team is made up of individuals from a broad range of insurance backgrounds, including a number of specialists, to ensure that our Partners can always compete. Above all, they are experts at getting the deal; our stock in trade.

“It’s impossible to access all the markets to work with all the clients that approach us – they are too diverse”

At Momentum we recognise the importance for independent brokers to be able to provide competitive terms for a broad range of businesses and individuals – from offices to off-shore, sole traders to multinational corporations. We are an insurance broker network with access to the whole of the market having relationships with all the leading players, London markets and niche insurers. This means that for any risk, no matter how complex or obscure, our experienced team know where to go to get the solution for you.

“Shops and offices and other small business isn’t worth it – it costs more than we can earn”

No independent broker wants to walk away from business – whatever the size. After all, small business can turn into valuable clients as they grow, but it can be expensive to spend your time on them at the beginning. This is why we provide all our Partners with access to commercial E-trade products to enable them to serve these clients efficiently, professionally and profitably. With more and more Insurers providing a greater range of products this way, E- trade can be a great way of handling smaller business. And the efficient process means commissions are generally higher as well.

“Commercial clients want all their insurance handled in one place but personal lines can be difficult to accommodate”

Our e-trade facilities through Acturis enable you to look after all your client’s needs in the same manner as their business insurances. You can access a very broad range of household, motor and other covers provided by a large panel of household names and other insurers. As well as meeting your client’s needs and closing the door to competition, you will also be able to gain valuable additional revenue. If your client needs a more bespoke, mid or High Net Worth offering, we can arrange that as well, we have specialist brokers to provide unrivalled advice.

Momentum’s extensive broking support ensures our Partners are able to overcome all these hurdles in this competitive marketplace.

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Momentum gives your business stability, longevity and a secure platform for growth. Our unique model is designed so that you can focus on your clients while we provide you with a broking team, back office and the tools to grow your business.

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