The Great Resignation – The Great Opportunity?

By Alistair Body
Business Development Director, Momentum Broker Solutions

Post-pandemic, many office-based businesses embedded flexible working and embraced a new way of working. However, of late there is increased coverage in the press of large employers sharing their “expectations” that staff need to be back in the office.

The last few years have had a huge impact on people’s lives it has created a new norm when it comes to home working and for many resulted in a more sustainable balance between work, life, and responsibilities at home. It would be easy to slip back into the pre-COVID rat race which for some may be exactly what they need. However, for others (myself included) it is important to maintain the new balance alongside additional face to face interaction.

In London I came across the following advert from a well-known recruiter.

This no doubt resonates with many people who during the lockdown and said to themselves it’s time for a change.

Experts predict that a “Great Resignation” is on the horizon due to employees wanting to retain the lifestyle benefits they have gained since the pandemic hit.

Part of the shift will be to self-employment and fulfilling a lifetime dream of becoming their own boss. In the UK the self-employment rate has steadily grown over the last few years and is now 14% of the national workforce. The rate in the US is double with in excess of 28% of all workers having a form of self-employment.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies reports that the self-employed community has higher levels of job satisfaction, were more likely to report being happy and to consider their lives worthwhile, as well as lower levels of anxiety than employees.

It’s inevitable that more and more people will find financial stability through becoming self-employed, every year post the summer holidays we see a substantial uptick in interest from insurance professionals looking to start their own business and this year will no doubt be busy for us.

My expectation is, with the phenomenal progress being made on vaccinating the country that, post the summer holidays, the dreaded Monday morning commute may well herald the “Great Resignation”.

Don’t waste the opportunity to take some time out this summer, reflect on what is important for you and talk to your nearest and dearest.

As Reed says, isn’t about time you start loving Mondays? Life’s too short!

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by Alistair 

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