Let’s play a game. A board game, actually.

Wooden board game with dice

If, like me, you’ve played one too many games over the festive period, it’s probably the last thing on your mind. But here’s why: I have read that more than a third of UK adults believe children who are good at playing board games, like Monopoly, are more likely to become entrepreneurs in later life.


Virgin Startups also found more than one in four (26%) UK adults say they plan to launch a business in 2023. And today’s the day. According to Richard Branson, at least, who believes that the first Friday of the year is the one day where most people set up their own business.


The great thing about being Business Development Director at Momentum Broker Solutions is that I get to meet people from various stages of their working life – but all with a key goal in common: they want to succeed and want to do things their way!


Last year, Momentum welcomed 17 new partners, adding to our existing UK-wide network who have benefited from freeing up their time to focus on clients and build their business. This year, why not roll the dice and take your business idea to the next stage?


We recognise the importance of staying independent, which is why Momentum is with you every step of the journey. We will support your aspirations and provide guidance so you can do it ‘your way’ and build a future that works for you and your family.


My door is always open for a chat about where you can take your business – whether you want to start up or you’re already an established broking business and looking for a change in direction.


Let’s make your dreams of being your own boss a reality, today. Book a chat with me and see how, together, we can help you build your business.


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